Le Boat

Le Boat is now the biggest self drive boating operator in Europe and North America. Le offers 40 cruise departure points in eight countries including France, England, Holland, Ireland and more.Their fleet comprises a wide range of modern, well-equipped cruisers, including air-conditioned deluxe models, to accommodate 2-12 persons.

Five Star PR has worked to position le Boat to a younger market to both families and under 35s. Our first media famil we organised on a media trip to take Le Boat to Belgium with three models. What followed was incredibly photography of hipsters enjoying themselves in a hipster cool way on the boat and top notch coverage in main stream newspapers.  Five Star PR has been working with Le Boat for over five years and have organised media events, media famils, promotions, advertorials and media releases.

We have seen a large increase in Le Boat customers from Australia to Europe and a large amount of coverage totally over $1 million per year in editorials for the past five years.